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Lawson - Exclusive Interview

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 12:35

We spoke to the incredible Lawson who are fresh from touring with The Wanted and look set to take on the world. Answers by guitarist Joel Peat

Tell us what you have planned for this year?
Our new single 'When She was Mine,' is out now and we are heading out on a big UK tour (see details )It's going to be such an amazing experience.

Our album will also be out at some time towards the end of the summer. We've just finished putting it together and are really excited about getting our songs out there. John Shanks, who's worked with Take That, Bon Jovi and Kelly Clarkson, produced the album in LA.

Did you enjoy touring with The Wanted?
It was outrageous and inspiring. To play enormous arenas of 10 to 20 thousand people is just incredible, especially as we've played gigs to three or four people. It's really built up our fanbase. The guys from The Wanted are a total laugh and are always playing pranks. It's such a big experience.

You are more of a band than a boyband. Was it strange to be paired with The Wanted?
Many people think we're a boyband but you're right, we are a band in the traditional sense. We are influenced and into people like Kings Of Leon, The Script and John Mayer. I guess in photos we look like a boyband as well. We're also very different to say Mcfly who were a boyband who played their instruments. I guess we just want to make good pop music and write great songs.

You played a lot of small gigs early on, what was your worst experience?
One that really springs to mind is a gig we played in a tiny venue in Clapham (London). It was one of the gigs we did when we played a lot of covers, things like Justin Timberlake. We thought the gig was going really well when suddenly the drumming stopped. We turned around and our drummer was totally covered in soil. It turns out somebody had thrown and entire large plant and pot at him. Thinking back it could have killed him so its lucky that it missed but it was such a bizarre thing to happen. You might expect a few plastic glasses to be thrown but not a massive plant pot!

Did the record company make you change how you sounded to help sell more downloads?
People have that idea, but really Polydor have been so cool. They've just let us do our own thing. So I don't think we've changed our music at all. The only thing that I guess has changed is that our producer has given us a much bigger sound, more of an arena sound, and that's because we wanted him to put his own slant onto our music.

Why are you called Lawson?
Our lead singer had a life threatening brain tumor and was in the operating theatre for a lot of time. He still has no hearing in his right ear. We were trying to think of a band name that was meaningful to us. His doctor at the time was called Lawson.

Did you enjoy school?
I thought school was pretty cool. I was never what you would describe as a geek but I was usually hidden away in the music block practising. I definitely wasn't part of the popular crew. I know our bass player had a pretty awful time and was bullied.

What advice would you give to a teenager who wants to make it in music?
Once you've made the decision to go for a career in music you've already made the biggest decision and if its what you believe in you should. A lot of my friends regret not following their passion. So you should do what you really love and always believe in yourself.