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Don Broco - Exclusive Interview

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 12:31

Guitarist Simon Delaney gives Loud Magazine an insight into the life and times of British rock band Don Broco ahead of their sold-out Priorities tour.

How is 2013 Treating Don Broco So Far?
Really, really well. The first thing we're doing this year is our big headline tour, which is really exciting and that kicks off in a couple of weeks now. We're all really excited to be getting on the road. We're releasing our first single of the year Fancy Dress – which comes out next week; we're really pumped to get that out. It's had quite a lot of Radio 1 support already. This year has kicked off with a bang!

Are You Playing Any Festivals This Year?
We're headling this year a festival called Hit the Deck which is in Nottingham and Bristol. This is the first time they're doing Bristol as well, usually it's in Nottingham, but we played it last year and it was absolutely incredible. It's such a good indoor festival – loads of amazing bands play – so to be going back to that this year as a headliner is going to be amazing. It's quite daunting as we've never headlined anything like that before so we're stepping up to that challenge. We're all pretty excited about that one. That's the first festival this year and the only one we've announced yet…

How Did You Break into the Music Industry?
It's a difficult one… we started out when we finished university. We started the band Don Broco and just started touring everywhere we could, at every end of the country trying to get the name around. That's 3 years of touring and solidly writing material before we started getting in people's faces and people started to take notice of what we were doing. We did it really old school – we sent out demos and press packs to a load of different management companies. Luckily that's how our management company picked us up because they had heard our name before because we had been touring so hard and had press packs that included our CD and press shots and the videos. By getting with the management company they took us to a place where we had to sign with the label. It was a combination of hard work, touring and trying to send out as much music as you can to the right people and hoping one of them takes notice.

What Made You Decide Being in a Band Would be Your Career Path?
Before we went to university, me, Rob and Matt had always been in bands at school, and we always loved music – we were all really passionate about it. But we all wanted to go to university as well, because university is a really incredible experience and one that I would recommend to anybody. But when we came out of university we had all got really different degrees and did what interested us, but we were also very passionate about music and about being in a band. So we thought "let's give it a go, you're only young once. Let's go into it, let's write the songs we want to play." We started playing in front of people which is what we most wanted to do at the time. Luckily for us it's working out alright. I mean, it doesn't always work out alright but in our position fortunately everything has fallen into place and allowed us to keep doing that.

So being in a band is a difficult and unpredictable career?
Yeah, it's a massively difficult career. You've got to put an awful lot of faith in yourself. Often you're going to get knocked back all the time. It's very difficult to know where it's going to lead because even if you have a massive album or huge single, the pressure is now on to write the next incredible single or the next incredible album. You never know day to day where you're going to be at in the next year. But for us, that's the lifestyle we really enjoy. It's really fast-paced, exciting and keeps the pressure on us to constantly deliver the material. It's quite an intense career path -not one for the faint hearted.

How did you maintain the band relationship in university?
Three of us knew each other in school and went to different universities. But we used to meet up and practice occasionally but not very intensively. We'd write songs whilst we were at university but weren't doing any kind of touring. We kept the momentum going so when we left university we had songs written that we could go out on the road with. But it was very occasional – once every term or two, we used to get together in the holidays to keep things going.

How Do You Feel About the Threat of Closure to High Street Music Shops?
I love HMV- I love going in there and looking at music. I think it's a shame. People's music consumption is so heavily orientated to the online world – with Spotify and Itunes I don't think it will make a massive difference. It's just a loss of convenience and being able to pop in to a shop on the high street.

Who Are Your Influences at the Moment?
As a band, collectively we all really love Biffy Clyro, Brand New, Incubus, and Reuben. I and Rob really love Every Time I Die. At the moment we are listening to the new Everything Everything album quite a lot – it's really different and interesting pop I guess.

How Do You Feel About the Current Rock Climate?
I think it's brilliant because at the moment there are so many amazing bands from the underground that we have toured with that are breaking through in a massive way – like Deaf Havana… they are doing absolutely massive things at the moment for the UK rock scene… like Young Guns. And then you have bands like Mallory Knox who we're taking on tour who are getting a load of Radio 1 support at the moment, which is awesome to see. Rock really does feel like it's coming back. Radio 1 play a huge part in influencing people's music taste and now they are latching on to guitar bands again… it's phenomenal. I think rock music is stronger than it has been in years and years.