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The Big Moon Exclusive Interview

Friday, 24 March 2017 15:52

We were fortunate enough to be able to grab some time with Fern, The Big Moon’s drummer, to catch up with her following the band’s impressive performance at the recent SXSW festival and find out more about the girls.

We’ve seen you guys performed 11 gigs in 4 days whilst at the Texan festival SXSW – (Congratulations) and how did you manage that?!
- It was really tiring, but great fun. You just kind of do it. Obviously, you’re drinking and enjoying the atmosphere so you don’t really notice just how hectic it is until you stop.

It must have been really amazing playing an American festival. What did you notice was different playing to your stateside fans?
To be honest, it really wasn’t that different, the audience was a complete mixture of different nationalities. So although we were in America, it was like playing globally – which was amazing! Everyone was pretty excitable, but I think that was owing to being at a festival and just generally having a great time – rather than purely because we were playing to Americans.

Festivals can be a treasure cove of undiscovered artists, who were your favourite acts that you found at SXSW?
Unfortunately, we only really got to see the acts that were on directly before us, so we didn’t really get to explore as much as we would have hoped! Having said that, we did catch a few incredible artists – ‘Let’s Eat Grandma’ – two girls from Norwich were amazing and ‘Dream Wife’ a duo from Brighton were also a firm favourite. We were playing on British themed nights, so we got to meet a lot of British artists – which is quite nice because it means we can really follow them and hopefully see them again.

What is your creative intention as a group, do you see yourselves as spreading a message through your music?
No, not really. We all just really love playing music. We do it because it’s fun, and what could be better than playing music with your friends?

Tell us about how it all started – how did The Big Moon become?
Well, Jules [the vocalist and songwriter] was creating her own music and really wanted a band. So she set about making one! Through friends of friends and Facebook, she scraped around and auditioned musicians. Initially she actually had another girl in mind, but fortunately for me, she wasn’t available. I’d studied the drums at uni and had always wanted to be in music. Once we’d all been assembled, we locked ourselves away for the first 6 months. Just creating and playing. 

You’re working with the BBC now, that must have really helped your profile – how did that come about?
After we were happy with some of our material, we uploaded some tracks onto the BBC introducing page – which is like a database of upcoming music. We were just really lucky to have been noticed by the BBC from that. Since then we’ve played at the Future festival in January and have just produced backstage footage of our time at the SXSW festival. It’s really great being able to work with such an influential corporation – they’re extremely supportive and really don’t need to give us all the guidance and time that they do.

Do you feel a great responsibility being a girl band in 2017?
Put simply: no.  We don’t really view ourselves as a ‘girl band’ – being constantly referred to as one is something we find quite odd really. We are a girl band only by it’s pure definition. We are a group of girls, but our sex isn’t something we need to draw attention to. Other professionals aren’t continually determined by their sex. We do what we love and think everyone else should do the same, regardless of gender. I’d love to be a role model – but to girls and boys alike. My 8-year-old niece has actually just got into music claiming that if I can do it anyone can. I think that’s so great. So I’d like to encourage people like that, but I don’t feel any great feminine responsibility.

Your videos all look like so much fun, which has been your favourite one to film?
I actually really don’t like acting and I just feel so awkward in front of the camera! So Cupid has probably been the best because that was really relaxed – it was just basically our friends throwing stuff at us all day. Paint and condiments, they were getting really into it. My boyfriend got so into it that when he finished his mustard stash, he just threw the bowl at me! The girls all really loved it to – one of them refuses to wash their paint splattered Doc Martens, and loves having all the memories.

Even before all the paint splats, you look like a really happy and comfortable band – who would you say are your style icons?
Well, I think Sophie [the guitarist] is really cool. So I always think I should dress like her. She’s a kind of flannel shirt and jeans girl. Jules wears weird stuff, but she’s got her own vibe. We don’t have any styling as a band, our managers not really like that, she’s more of a ‘you do you, babe’ kinda gal. Which is great. And it’s great when we work with stylists because they always bring a whole range of stuff which we can just choose from. 

Given the success of The Big Moon in just 3 years, there must be so much more to come – what can we look forward to?
In the next two weeks, we’ve got our album coming out (finally!) After working on it for so long, we’re so excited to be actually able to share it with everyone. Hopefully we’ll get a few days off too – it’s been absolutely none stop recently. But when you love what you’re doing, you can’t really complain! Then it really depends on the success of the record. We’ll be continuing our tour which goes around Europe. But we’ll just be riding out the wave and seeing where it takes us really.

It was amazing to be able to check in with The Big Moon, particular thanks to Fern for taking time out of her busy schedule. We wish the band every success with their upcoming album release and the remainder of the tour. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead!
The Big Moon release their debut album 'Love In The Fourth Dimension' on 7th April and are touring the UK in April and May - see their website for more details, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch.