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Conor Maynard - Exclusive Interview

Monday, 20 April 2015 15:20

Read our exclusive interview with the incredible Conor Maynard. Interview by Melissa Phanjoo

Q: What was the inspiration for your new single?

A: The song was actually written by Craig David which was really cool because he was someone I grew up listening to. My dad and I had sort of a fan girl moment because we are such big fans of him. The song is a summer track; people are like calm down its not even summer yet. It gets released at the end of April so it’s closer to summer. It’s definitely a feel good party track, and it’s written by Craig David who’s such a big influence. 

Q: How was it working with Craig David and filming the music video for Talking About?

A: Very cool. At first we were quite down because we needed to find the right up tempo track. The producers and I were looking to find the right one, and when we did we were happy. When we found the song by Craig David there was one line in the song that we couldn’t quite get. So then Craig David sang the song down the phone to me I nearly wet myself when I heard his voice. I actually covered one of his songs on YouTube and he came across my cover. He must have been YouTubing himself when he saw it *laughs* 

Q: Heard you went to see Insurgent how did you find it?

A: I do like it. It’s quite insurgent. I recently wrote on twitter that I’m divergent, rubbish at everything. I don’t want to dis the movie Shailene Woodley and Theo James are great actors. I’m more of a Hunger Games fan. If you’re reading Jennifer Lawrence I love you.  

Q: How would you describe the sound of your upcoming album?

A: It definitely has more substance. With the last album the main issue was that people thought it was for kids. At the time people saw me as the new British Justin Beiber. People my age or older may have liked the album, but didn’t want to admit it. They thought they couldn’t be my fan. Even though there were influences of people like Frank Ocean, and the album had that kind of sound. With my new album I don’t want people to see the music as bubble gum pop. It’s taken 3 years to make to make sure it’s perfect. 

Q: Which artists are you working with on your album?

A: Craig David, there’s a song with Labyrinth. Lots of cool people… Timberland wrote something but it’s not confirmed. There’s actually a lot of self-production on this album. I’ve recently set up a home studio, so a lot of writing from home. I think people have a stigma about artists writing music for themselves, but I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Q: I noticed you and Casper Lee have been featuring on each other’s YouTube videos. How did you meet? 

A: We met a few years ago when he was actually up and coming. Now he’s gotten pretty big and it’s been nice to watch his success. He’s done really well for himself. I was actually out last night with him, Joe Sugg and Ollie White. I was excited because I saw Sophie from game of thrones. It was so cool. 

Q: How did your life change from being a YouTube star to being in the public eye?

A: At first it was weird; people just didn’t get the whole YouTube thing. They didn’t understand when I got messages from fans on Facebook. My friends took the piss and used to leave messages. When I got on TV people around me started to take it seriously. YouTube is really big, people especially then didn’t realise how big it was. I mean I was one of the first people from Britain to come from YouTube so it was really new. I don’t think people realise that I had already made it from when I was on YouTube. I was really scared for it, but it was quite a gradual process. I have to get used to it.  

Q: What are you up to for the next 3 months?

A: Promoting new singles... Growing a beard, I’ve been trying to for years not sure I can *laughs*. I’ve been going to the studio every day. Probably releasing more videos with Casper Lee.