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Eliza and the Bear - Exclusive Interview

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 11:26

 - Eliza and the Bear are an Indie rock band from Essex, comprised of five members: lead singer and guitarist James Kellegher (J), guitarist and singer Martin Dukelow (M), keyboardist and singer Callie Noakes, guitarist and singer Chris Brand, and lastly Paul Kevin Jackson on bass guitar. The group have been tipped as one of the hottest bands to look out for this year, with a UK headline tour coming up and having toured as a support act for Athlete and the likes of indie pop-rock legends Paramore, they are well on their way to reaching that wider audience and enchanting more listeners with their fun, uplifting tunes. I caught up with Martin and James and asked them a few questions: 

Q: How did you all come together to form the band?

M: We all lived around Upminster, Essex, but were playing in different bands and were all fans of the same 'screamo' and 'emo' bands at the time. Over time, we just came together and decided to form our own band.

Q: Eliza and the Bear is the title of a collection of poems by Eleanor Rees how did you come across the poems and why did you decide to name your band after them?

M: Our bandmate Callie found the book in shop window and thought it had a nice ring to it and the themes and style of the poems just seemed to fit with our music. 

Q: If you could support or co-headline with any singer or band, who would you choose and why?

M: I'd have to say Justin Bieber - he has a cool audience and I'm hoping that we'll get that and the same level of screaming! We went to see him in LA - I know it's a guilty pleasure and it's really cheesy, but it was just such a great gig of high value and it would be great if we could pull that off too. But if I have to say a more serious answer, I'd say Radiohead or Kings of Leon.

J: Definitely Coldplay. We saw them at the Emirates last year and they had fireworks for their opening song. You know you're doing alright when you've got fireworks going off for your first song!

Q: All of your songs have a fun, soft rock beat to them. Which is your favourite to play?

M: We play ‘It Gets Cold’ live a lot and we love playing it because it always goes down well with the crowd. I think the best thing about our songs is hearing them being performed live - it's one of our strong points.

Q: This interview will be published in a magazine that is aimed at teenagers going into college and university and offers them support with whatever career path they may choose to go down - do you have any advice to give to young aspiring musicians?

M: It's long and hard and, as ACDC said, it's a long way from the top if you want to rock and roll. So if you want to get there you need to prepare for a lot of hard work and arguments-

J: - and fun!


The Light it Up EP is now available on iTunes for £1.99.


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