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Top Internet Crazes

Tuesday, 24 June 2014 15:02

By Qudrat Khan

- A selection of recent internet crazes that we may well be ashamed of in a few months time.

1. Planking

Circa 2012, the concept of Planking came to light, dazzling us all with its ridiculousness. Its origin is questionable, but that didn’t stop swarms of young people crying out to express their right to lie at a 90 degree angle on a flat surface. Seeing as I morally object to such a ridiculous concept, I present the only Plank that I have any time for: the one from Ed, Edd and Eddy.

2. Cat memes/Grumpy Cat

One website: If you’ve hidden under a rock for the past few years, I would recommend checking out the above website in order to have your day made multiple times over. Like it says on the virtual tin, it is a website dedicated purely to the humorous nature of our feline friends. Perhaps the most influential mammal from the cat community has been Grumpy Cat, also known as Tardar Sauce. Having won many prestigious awards, including a Lifetime Achievement prize, as well as impacting the lives of many Internet addicted teens, I think it just that we pay tribute to the grumpiest cat on earth.

3. Nick-Nominations

Nick Nominations is a strange phase of internet popularity which simply consisted of posting a picture of Nicholas Cage in a certain mood. Simple, yet effective (I think).

4. Photo-bombing

Apparently in today’s society it is deemed socially acceptable to purposely ruin a heart-warming picture by ensuring one’s ugly mug gets in the shot just before the camera shutter clicks, sigh. However, the results are hilarious, meaning that it’s just totally worth it. Check out some celebs doing their bit for the general happiness of society. 

Other crazy phenomena include The Cinnamon Challenge, The Harlem Shake, as well as Instagramming and #hashtagging. All of which we will come to question later on in our technological lives, but for now, don’t forget to post that selfie after your planking session!