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EofE Exclusive Interview

Tuesday, 24 June 2014 14:59

By Cathy Macleod

-We caught up with the band trusted by McBusted to warm up the crowd on their mammoth arena tour. EofE are an up-and-coming four piece rock outfit from the Black Country.

Q: How do you all know each other and when did you form?

A: Dan – We formed in 2012. Luke and I knew each other from school and we knew Tom through an ex-girlfriend. Nicky only joined recently when we were searching for drummers in February.

Q: When did you all know that you wanted to play music?

A: Dan – When I was 15. I started playing guitar properly for a year and loved it, I could express myself properly when I played. That’s when I knew I wanted to do it professionally. 

Luke – I started playing when I was 12 and played in different bands at school. I was in a cover band and really enjoyed it, but I realised I couldn’t make a career out of it. At 16 I decided to really go for it and take my music seriously. At 16 I decided to really go for it and take my music seriously.

Q: How was your tour in Scotland?

A: Dan – We were there for four days. It was really good. We were playing proper rock venues and we had really supportive crowds. 

Luke – Cold! It was a really good experience, and Nicky’s first gigs with us. It was really good to gig with him and to get to see new places.

Q: Are you all excited about your tour? Is this the biggest thing you’ve done so far? What can you fans expect?

A: Dan – I’m really excited, my first gig was Busted supported by McFly. It hasn’t sunk in yet that we’re going. The fans can expect a lot of energy.

Luke – I’m really excited. I’m not nervous yet, I can’t wait to start. We’ll bring a lot of energy, it’ll be fun and something different for the fans.

Q: Do you ever get on each other’s nerves when you’re spending that much time together? Does anyone have any annoying habits?

A: Dan – Tom and Luke are always late. I’ll already have been up for an hour and they’ll only just be getting out of the shower.

Luke – Yes and no, nothing too bad. When we’ve finished touring not seeing them for a couple of days is a bit of a relief. But we’re all friends outside of the band, we’re part of the same friendship group and socialise when we’re at home too.

Tom – I suppose we do annoy each other sometimes, we never fall out though. Luke uses a slendertone we can hear all the time, and has half an hour long showers. I would never say that to his face though.

Q: You’re releasing your debut single soon. What can your fans expect from the record?

A: Dan – The singles called Lust. It’s got a lot of big riffs, a catchy chorus and a lot of energy, like our live shows.

Tom – It has a bit of a dance feel, its punchy, edgy and the sort of record you can sing along to.

Q: Is it important for you to keep in contact with your fans? Any crazy fans?

A: Dan – It’s so important to keep in contact with the fans, especially through social media. They contact us all the time and it’s important to reply, the same as bands such as The Vamps and You Me At Six do with their fans. We have had some crazy fans, I’ve gotten a marriage proposal and we were at a gig once when a girl asked for Tom’s bottle of water after the gig. She took it and finished it before asking him to sign it. We often get asked for our water bottles, but no one usually drinks our left over water.

Q: How did you get your name?

A: Dan – James Dean, East of Eden. We’re all massive fans of his and we were looking at films and books for inspiration. We couldn’t find anything else, but this fit perfectly. We ended up shortening it to E of E though, it’s a lot easier to find us online and our fans had already started cheering it at us anyway.