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The Saturdays Exclusive Interview

Tuesday, 24 June 2014 14:36

By Qudrat Khan

- “We can’t wait to get out on the road and showcase our journey so far! This is not the end, just a milestone along the way.”

- Frankie

Q. What’s your favourite city to perform in? 

Una: For me it would have to be Dublin as it’s such a personal experience for me, with it being my hometown

Frankie: I love performing in the northern cities; the people are just so much fun! Plus the shopping there is great too.

Q. What can fans expect from your tour?

Frankie: It’ll be a big night out, where people can dress up, have fun and sing along to their favourite songs.

Una: It’ll be a like a big karaoke night where everyone’s involved because we’ll be performing a lot of our past hits, and three new songs!

Q. Out of all the men you mention in your song ‘Gentlemen’, which one would you most like to go on a date with?

Una and Frankie: (after pondering for a while) George Clooney.

If you love the Saturdays, you will love their big news; the girls are set to release a Greatest Hits album later on this year as well as embarking on a nationwide tour that will see them perform at the famous Wembley Arena. I managed to get a quick phone call with Frankie and Una and spoke to them about their new album and the tour, amongst other things.

After being on the phone for approximately seven minutes with the girls, I learnt that there is a Primark concession in the London Selfridges on Bond Street, which both excites and displeases me. Frankie’s favourite song from the Greatest Hits album is ‘Higher’, as it brings back euphoric memories, whilst Una and I shared a deep love for ‘Up’, perhaps one of my all-time favourite pop tunes. Their vivaciousness was clear to see and soon we embarked on many a tangent, from fit celebrities to Frankie and I bonding over PE teachers we shared in our Essex secondary school we both went to (Hall Mead School, in case you were wondering).

Having been together for seven years, with over fifteen singles under their belt, it would have been quite rude not to have collated their best singles together into one punchy, pop-heavy album. With classics such as ‘Up’ and ‘Issues’, it’s an album that’s bound to have you out of your seat. The album is a “celebration of the past seven years”, and the three new tracks on the album will be a tantalising preview of what’s to come from the ladies. No doubt the tour will reflect their fun-loving attitude, with the girls aiming to showcase music and style that will ooze fun and glamour, just like them.

Here are the dates you need to write in your diary:

-9th April – General sale for tour tickets

-August - Greatest Hits album is released

-7th September – The tour begins!