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Summer Fun on a Budget

Wednesday, 24 May 2017 12:17

Exams are nearly over, summer is just around the corner but unfortunately all of your exciting plans are starting to add up. As a student, money is often tight but that does not mean that the summer is ruined. In fact, there are plenty of ways to have fun during the sunny months with limited finances. 
Here are our top tips for summer fun on a budget:

1. Cheap days out
Days out in the sunshine don’t have to break the bank. There are lots of exciting things you can do on a budget.  For example, grab a couple of friends and head to a park, with a picnic in hand. Not only will making a picnic save you money, it will also give you some culinary skills which will come in handy if at the end of summer you are heading off to university. But let’s be honest, as wonderful as England is, one thing we cannot depend on is the weather. If it’s raining, don’t despair, you can still have fun budget days out.  England has some of the world’s best museums and many of them are free! For example, The V&A and Natural History Museum in London are completely free and offer great days out. 

2. Staycation
England can be a fun holiday destination; you don’t need to jet off across the world. Saving you the expense of flights, a staycation will save you lots. Visit England’s historic cities, make the most of the beautiful coast or even go camping in the English country-side. There are plenty of budget options at home for your summer holiday.

3. Exotic places are not off limits!
However, if you are dreaming about spending your summer sitting on a beach, cocktail in hand or exploring beautiful foreign cities, then don’t let your tight budget stop you! Websites such as Last Minute offer cheap package deals. If that's still proving too pricey then check Sky Scanner for cheap flights and Airbnb for cheap accommodation. Also don’t be afraid of hostels, many hostels are lovely – it just takes a bit of research to find the hidden gems.

4. Group discounts
Many places offer discounts if you purchase as a group, so round up your friends and you could save a substantial amount. For example, theme parks such as Legoland, offer highly discounted rates for groups. Even travelling as a group could save you money, National Rail offer 1/3 off Off-Peak tickets if you travel together.

5. Discover the delights of discount websites
Discount websites like Groupon don’t just work for online shopping; they also offer discounted rates on many other experiences. Days out, theatre tickets, holidays and even restaurants are all heavily discounted.

6. Book in advance 
Booking in advance can also save you money. Train tickets can often be 40% off of the price you would pay if you purchased them at the last minute. It is the same with days out, instead of purchasing on the door, visit their website to see if buying in advance will save you any pennies.

7. Summer jobs can be fun
If you are still strapped for cash then a summer job may be the answer to your problems. But, in addition to earning some money, summer jobs can be fun as well! Why not earn money for more adventures with a job that in itself is an exciting experience? For example, working at a Summer Camp can be incredibly fun. They also aren’t just confined to England, many camps abroad employ young people and will even pay travel and accommodation expenses. Your job could involve you working in an exotic country, performing fun tasks and being paid for it - not too shabby!

- By Hannah Foord