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Are Tech Jobs Really a No-Female Zone?

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 12:41

Calling all females ready to step up to the challenge!
For as long as I can remember, society has identified the technology field as a male domain.  But it’s now time for all our female tech lovers to join forces and overcome the gender disparity for jobs here in the UK. From Amazon to ASOS, the tech industry really does have something for everyone.
Often when most of us hear the word technology, we think of men in white lab coats and oversized glasses surrounded by gadgets and glued to a computer screen plastered in numbers. Luckily, this isn’t the reality. Professions in tech can in fact be as glamorous and quirky as you like.
Did you know that jobs in finance, law, customer services, fashion and design are all just some examples of careers making up the daily functioning of internationally known technology companies? Offering generous pay; a wide choice of career opportunities; scope for progression; lots of specialist training and some very attractive benefits packages-a job in tech may be exactly what you are looking for.

From the First Female Computer Science PhD graduate, Sister Mary Kenneth Keller (1913-1985) to the designer of the Apple icon, Susan Kare, countless women have made a movement in tech. But how do women land the job you may ask? Well, according to Kare, ‘confidence in your skill mix’ is fundamental, and quite surprisingly, she did not have a computer degree background. Writing off a valuable chunk of our female population in the UK as lacking interest in tech or being less capable in comparison to their counterparts has become somewhat the norm. Therefore, it is up to you to do your research in to the likes of university courses, apprenticeships, competitions and internships to open up a whole world of diverse opportunities. 

With the ever-growing nature of technology, from visiting an online GP to ordering your prom dress in time, technology plays an active part in most of our lives. The opportunities are limitless and slowly but surely becoming geared to women too. As a result of the gender balance issue, various organisations have teamed up to speed up the process of getting women involved. To name but a few, ‘WEST bursaries’ are offering practical support to women and girls who would like to learn or work in a non-traditional role. The ‘womENcourage’ offer scholarships for their conference which is a great way to network and explore all of the different types of careers open to women. Additionally, Brunel University are offering a ‘Women in Engineering’ programme, supporting female graduates to achieve their potential in engineering. We’re talking bespoke mentoring, visits divulging the industry and a £10000 ‘Women in Engineering Award’ to a selected 30 females, definitely an opportunity not to be missed. Or maybe you and your team want to get involved and showcase your innovative ideas at ‘The Google Science Fair’, a global online science and technology competition open to 13-18 year olds.

With technology being at the heart of what we do as individuals and businesses, there really is no glass ceiling stopping women from growing in this exciting sector. Looking beyond the stereotypical views of jobs in tech, there has never been a better time for women to let go of their fears and research the industry. And as far-flung as it once seemed, you too could be the next mother in technology.