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Why Study Science

Sunday, 08 December 2013 12:48

By Jodie Hammond

 - Everyone has been taught the subject science since being an infant. We’ve all grown up learning science. From learning about Sir Isaac Newton and how he discovered gravity to how Dmitri Mendeleev ordered the elements in the periodic table to how Charles Darwin put forth the theory of evolution. We use science in everyday life like cooking and gardening without even knowing it. Science is all around us and we use it every day so why not have a career in it?
With a degree in science, the branches of the career tree open up to you and give you endless options. You could go into astronomy, psychology, medicine, marine and earth sciences…the choices are infinite. If you don’t like practical work then you can also go into computer science so there is something for everyone. The main skills for studying science are teamwork; some IT knowledge and good communication skills.
Also, at the moment there is a demand for some jobs that include a degree in science. Some of which are:
• A Climate Change Analyst,
• A Geographer,
• A Chemistry Teacher,
• An Electrician,
• A Physics Teacher.

Also with a career in science, you’ll never do the same job every day. So when you apply for college and university, why not go for a course in science?