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Thursday, 11 September 2014 14:55

How to use the UCAS Points Calculator

UCAS – The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service – is a service created for prospective university students in order to apply to institutions within the UK. In addition to the application process itself and the retrieval of acceptances and denials from the universities, UCAS also offers search tools to allow students to compare universities and their courses based on their ranking and on their ability to apply based on A-Level (or equivalent post-GSCE) results. In order to better ascertain what universities are looking for and as a way to differentiate students based on their results, UCAS has formulated its own UCAS Tariff system. 

The Tariff system is a point system that ranges from 5 (a basic pass at Grade 6 music theory) up to 768 (a perfect score in the International Baccalaureate programme) from which eligibility to specific University courses can be determined. As most schools do not provide students with their predicted UCAS points, it often has to be calculated by the student themselves using the tariff table and scoring system provided on the UCAS website. And for this reason, many third-parties are now offering students a little extra convenience during their application process– UCAS points calculators.

By simply typing your predicted scores into tabs provided by the calculator, a simple press of a button will calculate your overall UCAS tariff, saving you the time of having to add it up yourself and giving you a clear indication of where and to what courses you have the opportunity to apply to. 

You can use the following UCAS points calculator at UK University Search.