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Getting into Reading

Friday, 26 January 2018 14:34

Lots of people don’t like reading because they find it quite boring. Reading can also be considered quite arduous due to being assigned books at school that weren’t exactly thrilling. But once you find the right book it can actually be really enjoyable! Reading is good for you and can be a great way to relax at the end of a long day. Sure, watching a TV series in bed can be quite nice and is always very tempting, but reading can be just as good!

If you are new to reading, large chunks of text can be quite intimidating and finding the right book can be a long process, unless you have done some research. Many friends of mine are not particularly keen readers and one thing I always suggest is to read magazines. Finding the right magazine is way easier than finding the right book and they are just as good as books! Not all magazines talk about gossip, glossy fashion or relationship advice. Some are incredibly interesting, and they are also really nice objects to keep and collect. Magazines are way more aesthetic focused than books and contain a lot more visual content which can make reading more engaging and less “boring”.

If you are unsure of what magazine you might like, just think of what interests you and do some research. There is a magazine for everything! Lifestyle magazines are great if you are interested in several things and would like a taste of everything. 

My all-time favourite magazine is called Frankie. An Australian magazine, it covers topics from travel, fashion, art, and photography to design. It is quite artistic and always features interesting creative people, but not only. It is also amazing to look at because the graphics and design are incredible and so is the paper!

Whether you are a keen reader or you’re just attempting to read a bit more, I strongly suggest you get into magazines! If you are looking for some inspiration go on Google and look for Indie magazines, there are loads of them and they are great pieces of writing and visual content. I also think that going to magazine shops, such as Magculture and Ti Pi Tin (both are based in London), is a great way to find inspiration. They have an amazing selection of magazines from all around the world and they are really cool places as well! 

-By Rebecca Ricci