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How to Make the Most Out of Freshers' Week

Wednesday, 14 March 2018 11:46

People say that university is the best time of your life. Many also say that Fresher’s Week is the best time of University. That’s a lot of pressure to have the time of your life in a brief period. It’s usually a chaotic week full of ups and downs, new people with forgettable names, getting lost, gaining freedom, and a steep learning curve. With the right attitude, Fresher’s Week can indeed be an amazing experience. So, read ahead for our advice on how to make the most out of it. 

Sign up for everything
Jump on the wave of grasping opportunities. The beginning of term has an amazing energy to it that dwindles slightly as time goes on. Start from the beginning and become involved in everything you can. Go to all the first meetings and social events of clubs and societies. You will be less motivated to try new things after a few weeks. So, look for the activities you connect with and push your skills to another level. 
A popular piece of advice from past University students is to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t just do what you know you’re good at – start something new. Make it as random and wacky as possible. Student Unions are full of bizarre societies; Quidditch teams, curry appreciation clubs, Viking societies. It is a rare chance to try a completely original activity, and meet great people doing it. 

Get practicalities out the way
Like with any momentous change in life, there’s usually a lot of paper work to go with it. It’s easy to put the practicalities aside and focus on having fun during Fresher’s Week. But try to get them out the way as soon as possible.Take an afternoon for practicalities; sign up with a local doctor, make sure student finance is sorted, pay the rent and register at the University. Also, remember to get that budget in place. It will come in handy, after all, recent studies show that the average student spent £282 on Fresher’s Week in 2015. Remember that Fresher’s Week will end and you will dive straight into classes. Be prepared and start your studies on the right foot. 

Be friendly
You will meet a diverse variety of new people during Fresher’s Week. Some will be friends for a night; others will be friends for life. But by being open to meeting everyone and anyone, you can find great company. Don’t be shy – nobody knows anybody else and everyone is looking for fresh faces. Give out open, friendly and excited vibes, and you’ll easily have fun with those around you. Flatmates are the best place to start. Be sure to get to know everyone you’re living with –the whole house dynamics will be much nicer in the long run. 

Find out where the action is
Most universities offer a timetable for Fresher’s Week, letting you know the best places to be every day and every night. Embrace the best nights at the best places. You need a certain amount of organisation, even when it comes to clubbing! Make the most of it – Fresher’s Week is the biggest party of the year. 
If you’re not into nightlife, that’s no problem. There is a lot of pressure during Fresher’s Week to party constantly. But there are many activities happening, and you can find the right thing for you. From hiking trips to dance classes to coffee crawls, there is a lot to embrace beyond nightlife. Don’t feel pressured to go out if you’re not feeling it – do your own thing, that’s all part of the freedom of University! 

Find the freebies
A hidden joy of Fresher’s Week: the freebies. From free pens to discount tickets to free food, enjoy the treats thrown your way. Be sure to pick up some student t-shirts and vouchers for when you’re short on money in a few months. Embrace the bargains and start living the student budget lifestyle. Still not satisfied with the amount of freebies that you’ve managed to get your hands on? Then check out Student Money Saver’s freebies section – yes, you’re a student now, make the most of the discounts!   

Finally, take the time to relax!
It’s easy to go crazy during Fresher’s Week with all the daily parties, hundreds of events, new people and fresh freedom. But be sure to take some time out. Don’t get so carried away that you don’t take the time to appreciate the new situation. Go for a coffee in your new city. Walk around your new neighbourhood. Unpack and decorate your new room. 

So, soak up the moment and revel in the fact that you're finally here, at University, with the freedom to study and live on your own terms. It’s the greatest high of them all!