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University Societies

Monday, 24 July 2017 11:13

Results day is looming near, and before you know it, you will be packed up and ready to leave for university. Going away is daunting and requires a lot of preparation like what you will need to take with you. Whilst this is imperative, thinking about joining clubs and societies before you start can get you hyped. There are so many advantages to joining societies; meeting a fun bunch of new people is just one. With so many different choices available, it is absolutely a great way to fully embrace and enhance the university experience.

Typically, there are three kinds of societies that you can join. Obviously, you have sports clubs and then subject related societies. But you also have the opportunity to join miscellaneous societies, which allow you to learn new skills and express niche passions. 

Granted that when you start university you will meet lots of new people through your halls of residence and through your course, but joining societies means that you have the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals. University is the perfect opportunity to branch out and to try new things, and there is no better way to explore uncharted territory than through joining various societies. Most societies usually meet around once a week and arrange various events and social nights, which also makes participation an ideal way to balance your studying. 

The competitive nature of the job market today means that employers are constantly searching for candidates with a whole range of experience and interests. They really are looking for the whole package. Being involved in societies at university will really boost to your CV and will also help to showcase a wide range of skills. Potential employers value candidates that are able to show their ability to work within a team, particularly as most jobs require you to work with others. Get involved within your society, as this will certainly help you to provide examples of your work ethic in interviews. Organisation is another fantastic skill to have on your CV. If you are an active member in your society, you may have the chance to be involved with event planning, further increasing your employability. 

Of course, studying is essential and will be your main focus whilst at university.  Nevertheless, participating in various societies could assist you with either your course of study or with any other personal interests. Societies relating to your subject will help you to further your academic knowledge of the subject and normally welcome all students regardless of what course you are studying. Other clubs and societies offer you skills and knowledge about subjects that you normally would not have the opportunity to learn about. An excellent example would be St. John’s Ambulance, which enables you to learn and practice basic first aid. The society provides you with training and the chance to work with and join the St John’s Ambulance team. They also arrange sociable nights out. Not only is this a valuable skill to have, but also looks fantastic on the CV. 

- By Shreena Bagga