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Everything Changes

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 11:18

By Amy Austin

 - University changes your life - as cliché as that may sound, it is the truth. When deciding to go to university there are many different alterations you need to make to your life and to yourself. Everything is different: from doing A-levels to now completing a degree, living at home to now living in halls and going from knowing almost everybody to not knowing anyone. These are all changes but these can be for the better.

When going to university the biggest transition, for me, was the difference between A-levels and a degree. If you are heading to Uni with the idea that your degree will be like an A-level, then you are in for a big surprise. A degree requires a lot more of your time and effort and has twice the amount of work that an A-level subject has. Essays become longer, with more books to read and don’t even get me started on the dreaded Harvard referencing. However, don’t let this put you off. Yes, there is a lot of work but it is in the subject that you are most passionate about. Unlike A-levels, where you need to spread your work across a range of subjects, you now solely focus on your one degree. The teaching of a degree is also different; you attend lectures alongside hundreds of other students with occasional guest speakers. I found this way of teaching a lot more interesting and saw myself remembering things a lot more easily.

The enormous change, when going to university, is the move from living at home with family to living in halls on your own. You go from being looked after by your parents, to now having to do everything for yourself. This includes everything from buying food, to paying bills and even making sure you have clean clothes to wear. Moving away from home can be scary first of all, but you soon get into the swing of things and eventually you’ll never want to leave halls. I was petrified about leaving my family and becoming completely independent, so much so I considered staying at home. However, now I am so happy that I made this change, I absolutely love having my own flat with my friends. 

Currently, I am sure you know everyone in your year and have your own group of friends, but going to Uni you leave this behind and start again. Sometimes, it can be nice to have that clean slate where nobody knows who you are or anything about you. University can change you as a person because you meet new people, with different interests from you and they introduce you to things that you haven’t had to chance to experience before. Before I went to University I only listened to one genre of music and was very set in my ways, but now I listen to all sorts and have a completely different style. 

There are so many changes involved with going to university, but if like me you do not necessarily like change and are happy as you are don’t worry a lot of my life stayed the same too. I still go home on a regular basis, I still see all of my old school friends but now I have lots of other friends, I am independent and I have become my own person. In my opinion, university changes you for the better. 


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