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Your Essential Guide to Results Day

Thursday, 03 August 2017 12:19

Hey Students! 

We hope you’re having a great summer, and are feeling relaxed about your upcoming results as well as excited for your next adventure! 

Over the past weeks, we’ve been posting articles on Loud Magazine, which have hopefully been helping to settle any nerves you may have and encourage you to make the most of your summer freedom. We've got features on: University Societies, Freshers' Week Not Just Being a Party, The Royal Albert Hall Young Producer Programme, Student Writing Opportunities and Volunteering Options. So, if you haven’t checked any of those out, make sure you do. 

As well as those pieces, you can also look forward to our Results Day edition of Loud Magazine. This is an e-magazine that will fly into your inbox on Tuesday 15th August, two days before the big day (providing, of course, that you have registered.) 

These couple of days will give you plenty of time to skim through our helpful tips and guidance, to ensure that you are ready for whatever results day throws at you. 

You won’t need to panic through your celebrations and ignorantly wander into Adjustment, likewise after a quick browse you’re not going to be disillusioned about the time frame of Clearing. 

As you’d expect from any results day guide, we’ve got all the inevitabilities covered – with great pieces on: Adjustment, Clearing, gap years, taking time out and, of course, preparing for university.  We’re also featuring what to do if you’re unsure of your decision and looking into whether retakes are really the best option.

Written by students and recent graduates, Loud Magazine oozes knowledge and first-hand experience. Maintaining the same accessible and relatable tone - this edition is no different. Think of it as your comforting older sibling ready to propel you further into life. 

Whether you’re a high-flying scholar embarking on your next academic pursuit, or you’re open to new opportunities – our results day guide will have something for you. 

Although it is easier said than done, try not to worry, sit tight and register for your free issue of Loud Results Day edition – help is on its way! 

We look forward to gracing your inbox soon, 

Loud Magazine x