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Clearing - Your Vital Guide

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 12:46

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So, its mid-August and the ‘moment of truth’ has arrived. You and your friends have worked hard all year, and now it’s time to find out what the future holds. The possibilities are, if you’ll excuse the cliché, endless – and yes, this is still the case if you haven’t secured your firm or insurance place.

 Clearing is a process offered by UCAS, it enables students who haven’t achieved certain requirements to search for available University places. This service is offered from July to September. There are a number of reasons you may be eligible; if you failed to respond to your offers by the due date, UCAS received your application after the 30th June or you did not meet the required grades.  

  If you are eligible for Clearing then a number will appear on your track application.  It is then up to you. UCAS offer a Clearing tool,, to search for available courses and places. They also have a specific clearing twitter, @ucasclearing. However you do not have to rely solely on this information. The Telegraph publishes a full list of places, with useful phone numbers.  Take initiative with this, this is your future. 

 There is no denying how overwhelming this process may seem. If you are certain of your choice to pursue further education, then you must consider the other choices that come with Clearing. How similar are the choices available to your original choice? Are you prepared to alter your preferred course slightly? Where in the country do you want to be? 

 The next step is to contact your chosen University directly. Do not panic if the phone lines are engaged, there are thousands of others going through Clearing. Once you are in contact with your chosen University there are a few things to remember; be prepared with your results and Clearing number, this conversation is almost an interview – you need to show passion and enthusiasm. After speaking to your chosen University, you may be offered a provisional offer. The details of which need to be entered into your UCAS track, and a formal confirmation will follow. 

 Finally, remember that you are not alone during this. Your teachers, advisors and parents are with you in this journey, they can offer advice and support. The idea of not achieving one of your choices is daunting. But embrace this opportunity; it may be the best thing that’s ever happens to you.