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Celebrity Lecturers

Sunday, 17 November 2013 16:30

£9,000 for a year of university? You could buy a celebrity lecturer with that.

According to a recent survey by luxury student accommodation provider, most undergraduates would turn their Uni’s faculty lounge into a star studded green room. The survey, which polled over 500 young people, aimed to find out which celebrity they would replace their lecturers with.

There were some predictable results, such as the majority of students wanting Carol Vorderman to teach Maths and Nigella Lawson to teach cookery. Unsurprisingly Victoria Beckham was chosen to teach fashion while her husband David was picked for the slightly obscure topic of Gender Studies. Mayor of London, Boris Johnson was voted as the ideal Politics tutor while rapper Professor Green was the preferred music lecturer.

Alan Sugar was singled out to teach business and economics and Top Gear presenters James May Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson were the favourites to teach geography, engineering and modern European studies respectively.One student who took part in the survey commented: “Every undergrad would love a celebrity professor. Just imagine having Nigella teach you cookery – you would never want to eat hall food ever again.”

Another “Likewise the choice of Lindsay Lohan to teach law inspired. Yes she may be lacking some of the necessary academic qualifications, but you couldn’t put a price on all that real life experience she has had.”

A spokesperson from commented: “It is really interesting to see which celebrities students would most like to be taught by. “At first sight some of the suggestions sound odd, but on closer reflection they make sense. For example, the choice of Gordon Ramsay to teach English language may initially sound perverse but his verbiage is remarkably similar to“Although why a majority of students thought that Paris Hilton would be qualified to teach French – other than her name – is beyond us.”