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The UK University Town & City Social Life League Table [2017 Edition]

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 11:57

Transporting a plethora of students on their cheap flights – both to their place of study, as well as away from for those much deserved breaks – Globehunters have devised a league table to aid their student travellers, in addition to the entire student population.

Unlike traditional league tables, The UK University Town & City Social Life League Table ranks universities on factors that impact student life – rather than purely academic. The importance of a balanced university lifestyle is really becoming more widely recognised, causing a change in values for prospective students, guardians and educational institutes alike.
The rankings produced by Globehunters follow simple principles to those of The Alternative University Guide which was published earlier this year.

Within The UK University Town & City Social Life League Table every town and city in the UK with at least one university has been listed. Each location is than assessed on six fundamental factors: Student Population; Nightlife; Restaurants; Cinemas; Shopping Centres and Theatres.

The extensive data that catalysed the league table has been collated largely from TripAdvisor, Wikipedia and Values for each factor are calculated by the ease of access each student has to specific facilities. So a numerical figure is given per 1,000 students to create universal comparisons.

As well as ranking all university towns and cities on each social aspect, the league table also provides an overall score (just the combined total of all six elements) which helps easily determine the most student friendly areas.
Crewe actually topped the leader board, with Cheltenham, Newport, Bolton and Bradford coming close behind. Check the full list, to discover where every university city and town placed.  

Interestingly, The UK University Town & City Social Life League Table almost inverts traditional league tables, with academically acclaimed universities suffering from very low scores.

This new league table evidences the importance of really investigating your university choices and considering what you are really hoping for from your experience. Whilst academic challenge and recognition founds our university understanding – as this league table highlights, no university can offer the complete package and it really is worth applying to universities that provide the balance you are looking for.

To help discover your university choices you can use the UK University Search university finder, which complements the UCAS Tariff Points calculator to provide you with a personalised list of universities.