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8 Strangest Courses to Study in the UK

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 11:01

 - 1.BA Sports, Media and Culture – Staffordshire University

There is a module within the above degree that discusses the impact that the nation’s sweetheart, David Beckham, has had, not only on football, but also on British society. From his wacky hairstyles to his power couple status with Victoria Beckham, the module focuses on the rise of football with Beckham being centre stage.

2.BA Education Studies – Durham University

Grab your cloak, it’s time to head to Durham. Under their BA in Education Studies, students can learn about the cultural, social and educational context of the Harry Potter series, as well as examining issues such as intolerance and peer pressure amongst the young in schools. 

3.Viticulture and Oenology – Plumpton College

Perhaps the personification of the saying: “drinking on the job”, this course teaches you everything you need to know about vino, from research into popular vineyards to the science of creating your own. I’d say put the drink down and get back to work, but I think it might be part of your ‘research’.

4.Viking Studies – University College, London

Yep, you read that right, it is possible to undertake a degree in Viking Studies, and you’ll even be able to spend your 3rd year at a University in Scandinavia. You’ll learn everything, from basic Danish/Norwegian/Swedish to contemporary Scandinavia. It might be wise to not pack your Viking helmet as it turns out that they didn’t actually wear them, contrary to popular belief…

5.Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance – Bath Spa University

This foundation degree introduces you to various features of the Circus, from acrobatics to physical theatre, as well as the philosophy and the origin behind the wacky and fun day out. Students who undertake this degree even have the opportunity to perform at Glastonbury, so there’ll be no clowning around on this course. 

6.Puppetry – Central School of Speech and Drama

This highly competitive course at the Central School of Speech and Drama offers students the opportunity to make puppets and to learn how to execute an effective performance. Graduates from this course have gone on to work for/perform at institutions such as Cirque du Solei and the London Symphony Orchestra. 

7.Cruise Management – Plymouth University

This course consists of the business, operational, hospitality and tourism aspect of cruise management. The opportunity to undertake a placement year during the course will give you an invaluable insight into the world of cruise management, and with the course being given over 80% for student satisfaction, it is a course perfect for those who are already set on their career path.

8.Ethical Hacking – University of Abertay

This oxymoronic course title boasts an impressive 88% of students in employment or further education following the course. The degree provides the student with the knowledge of preventing illegal attacks, as well as knowing how to perform them…


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