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  • Finance Fees

    Work out your finances for university. Read this section for help and advice with fees, grants and budgeting.

  • Choosing a Uni

    Choosing the right uni is extremely important. Read this section to find out how to make the right choices.

  • Other Options

    There are loads of other options available if you decide not to head for uni immediately. Including apprenticeships, volunteering and gap years.

  • Study Abroad

    Find out about studying abroad. This section is for both UK students and EU or International students.

  • UCAS Application

    Help and advice with getting your UCAS form completed, including calculating UCAS points and working out what to write.

  • Fresher's Advice

    Advice about what to expect during your first year at university, including fresher’s events and what to avoid and look out for.

  • Clearing and Adjustment

    If you are entering clearing or adjustment we provide you with vital tips so that you can make the right choices.